User Management

User management panel is designed for the organization admin to manage the user roles and team organization. Different roles have different authority and access to different data. Learn more about roles authority below to create a smooth collaboration within your firm.

How to Invite Users into Organisation

In Beta Testing Version, when you're invited as an organization admin, you are able to invite other signed up users into your organization and assign roles to them.

  • Normal - ordinary users, usually are deal/investment managers who can manage leads/deals information.

  • Finance - firm finance, who can manage funds, wallets and confirm token vesting info.

  • Org admin - the most essential role of the organization, who can have all of the access and edit authorities.

How to Create A Team

If you need to add and manage multiple teams in your firm, goto the Team page / List / Create Team. Select the team and add team members. Choose one of them as the team leader who can view the team data via Dashboard and Analytics panels.

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