Deals Management

How to Convert a Lead to a Deal

In a lead detail page, simply click on the “Status”, choose any status under deal category (Term sheets, Fund transferred, Token distributing or Dead), the lead will move to the My Deals panel.

How to Add/Edit Investment Information

On the lead detail page, the investment section displays the investment information of this deal. Usually during the term sheets period, the deal manager can add the essential investment information including the round of investment, investment amount, purchased token, (the price will be calculated automatically), and which fund in your firm to invest in this deal. Click on “Add Investment” or “Edit” to edit the content.

How to Add/Edit Vesting Schedule

Vesting Schedule is designed for token type investment to track the token distribution to you. This section will give you a clear overview of tokens status, how many tokens purchased in the investment, how many tokens are released and how many remain in lock-up.

You can add multiple vesting schedules manually or add a liner vesting schedule. The reminder will be set automatically according to the schedule and sync with your Google Calendar if you have bind your Google Account on the Reminder page.

Add Vesting Schedule Manually

Click on “Add Vesting Schedule”, select investment round, input vesting amount OR vesting percentage and vesting date.

Add Linear Vesting Schedule

Click on “Add Linear Vesting”, select investment round, input vesting amount OR vesting percentage. Select the date to start unlocking, how many days to unlock every interval, and how many repetitions. For example, unlock 15% every quarter, and unlock completely in 2 years. Then you can input 15%, 90 days, 8 times respectively.

The vesting information will display different status as below:

  • Lock - represents that the token is locked and the unlock date has not arrived;

  • Unlocked - means tokens are released to you, but finance has not yet confirmed if the wallet has received the corresponding token;

  • Confirmed - means tokens are released to you and finance has confirmed that the wallet has received the corresponding token;

  • Abnormal - represents that the token has not been released on time or the unlock amount is incorrect.

Please note that only the Finance and Org Admin roles in your organization can edit the receiving wallet and check whether the wallet receives the token. Checking and confirming the token has been received is an important step as it will affect the sell record and the calculation of the overall investment performance.

How to Add/Edit Sell Record

The Sell Record section displays the investment exit information. Click on “Add Record” to edit. It will help you monitor how many tokens are sold, calculate the average selling price, realized return on the investment, and how many tokens remain unsold. The value for unsold token and lock-up token are calculated by token market price which sync with Coingecko price API.

How to Sync Market Price of Token

In a lead detail page, find the price section.

  1. Add token symbol (eg. ETH) and Network (eg. Ethereum).

  2. Refresh the lead detail page, click on the setting icon in the price section.

  3. Choose market price API or update price manually.

  4. If you choose API, input token symbol and select to save.

  5. If you choose to update the price manually, just input the price and save

Please note that syncing with market price is an important step as it will affect the calculation of the overall investment performance.

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