VentureFlow User Guide

VentureFlow - the ultimate Web3 VC SaaS platform

What is VentureFlow?

VentureFlow is a comprehensive SaaS platform designed for Web3 venture capital firms, with a focus on streamlining various aspects of the investment process. Its features include lead, investment, and deal flow management, which enable different roles within the firm to collaborate effectively. The tool also offers vesting schedule reminders, portfolio analysis, and other functionalities to empower the team and improve the overall efficiency of the firm.

Features Overview

Getting Started

Launch the web app at

We recommend using Google Chrome

  1. Sign up with username, password and verification code.

  2. Create an Organization.

  3. Invite other users to your organization and assign roles to them. Easily search username to invite.

  4. Create a team and set up a team leader (if applicable).

View User Management to learn how to set up teams and assign roles.

  1. If you are the organization admin, please create a fund for investment and a wallet for receiving investment tokens. (If you are NOT admin role, skip this step).


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