Leads Management

Public Leads and My Leads

Leads management includes Public Leads and My Leads. Public Leads is where all users in the organization can view the basic information of leads. If a lead is unclaimed, any user can claim it and move it to My Leads to follow up on and edit details such as fundraising, meeting memos and records, etc. My Leads is the panel for all the leads you have claimed and are following up on.

How to Add Leads

There are three entries to add leads: Public Leads, My Leads and My Deals.

Simply click on the right upper corner “Add Leads” to edit basic information of a lead. All new leads will be saved in Public Leads for users to view and claim.

How to Edit Basic Information Section in Leads

If you need to edit leads' basic information such as name, description, team, social media, deck, etc. There are a few entries including the Public Leads list, My Leads list, My Deals list, and the deals detail page. Click on "Edit" to amend basic information.

How to Edit Details in Leads

If you need to edit leads' detailed information such as lead status, score, fundraising, investment, meeting memo and records, attachments, etc. Click on the lead name or “Detail” to enter the lead detail page.

What is Lead Status

Status represents the different stages of a lead. Deal manager and invited editor can change the lead status anytime during the deal flow.

In the lead stage it includes:

  • Unreviewed - you have NOT reviewed this lead information and deck;

  • Reviewed - you have reviewed the lead but have NOT made the investment decision yet;

  • Committed - you have the internal meeting and make the investment commitment to the deal.

  • Passed - the lead is NOT qualified to invest.

In the deal stage, it includes:

  • Term sheets - the deal is under the process of signing investment term sheets;

  • Fund transferred - you have transferred the investment capital to complete the deal;

  • Token distributing - the investment is under token distribution period;

  • Dead - the investment has concluded/failed and you expect to receive no additional return.

Please note that when status is under the lead category, the lead will move to the My Leads panel. When status is under deal category, it will move to the My Deals panel.

What is Lead Score

Lead score function allows users to rate leads. The specific rating scales are defined by your own company. It can help you review and re-evaluate your investment decisions at the time.

How to change Deal Manager

If a lead is not being followed up well or there is a change in personnel on the team, the organizational administrator and team leader can reassign the lead to another deal manager at any time on the lead detail page. Click on “CHANGE” to reassign another deal manager.

How to Add/Edit Fundraising Information

On the lead detail page, the fundraising section displays the latest financing information of the lead including the round of investment, valuation, target financing amount, type of investment, lead investor and other investors information. You can edit the fundraising information by clicking the "add/edit" button.

Memo and Meeting Records


Memo is the meeting minutes with the project team. On the lead detail page, memo section, click on “Add Memo” to edit the content. You can set who can see this memo:

  • Private - only you can see the memo;

  • Team - only you and the lead editor can see the memo;

  • Public - anyone in your organization can see the memo.

If you need to remind yourself to follow up in the future, you can set a reminder. Bind your Google Account on the Remind page to allow the reminder to sync with your Google Calendar.

Meeting Records

Meeting Records are the firm internal meeting minutes including investment decisions, discussions, etc for the team to review your progress during the deal flow. You can create polls and select attendees to vote on investment decisions.

On the lead detail page, Meeting Records section, click on “Add Meeting Records” to edit the content. You can also set who can see this meeting record:

  • Creator - only you can see the record;

  • Attendee - only you and the meeting attendees can see the record;

  • Public - anyone in your organization can see the record.

You also can set a reminder to remind yourself. Sync the reminder with your Google Calendar if you have bind your Google Account.

How to Invite Editor

Editor is a role designed to help the deal manager to update the lead/deal information in the platform. Sometimes the deal manager is too busy with the deal sourcing, meeting project teams, travelling, etc. Editor is a perfect role to cover the administrative work. On the lead detail page, editor section, click on “Edit” to choose a user. The editor can edit all the information sections on the lead detail page.

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